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Chapter I: Introduction

Chinese name:纽约州执照针灸医师联合公会
English name:United Alliance of NYS Licensed Acupuncturists


注册日期:1996 年 6 月 10 日。注册号:960610000460
本会总部设于美国纽约州纽约市。 会址确定在当选会长诊所或办公室:7104 18TH AVE
邮寄地址:UANYSLA, 7104 18TH Ave Brooklyn New York NY 11204
电话:929-379-7336 传真: 888-469-8495

Chapter II: Goals and Aims

Title 1: Goals: To promote and further advance Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); To unify, support, and connect all TCM doctors and acupuncturists in United States for the development in this field; to protect and to improve rights and status in this profession.

Title 2: Aims

1.  UANYSLA primarily aim at improving TCM doctors and acupuncturists’ professional knowledge and clinical skills. Exerting TCM and acupuncture to mainstream medicine in United States. Actively advocate and utilize outcomes in TCM and acupuncture researches to broaden and deepen the understanding of TCM and acupuncture in mainstream society in United States, as to positively promote TCM and acupuncture development in the US.

2. To encourage information exchanges and business collaboration between China and US in the field of TCM and acupuncture, via conferences, seminars, websites, academic magazines, wechat, etc.; To support information exchange between modern western medicine and TCM; To improve the professional skills among all TCM doctors and acupuncturists.

3.To defend for the benefits, privileges, and social status of TCM and acupuncture practitioners. To actively participate in the legislation process in TCM and acupuncture; To assert the proper insurance payment to acupuncture providers; To advocate for benefits among TCM and acupuncture practitioners by increasing academic and business  opportunities in this field.

Chapter III: Members and their rights and benefits

Title 1: Types of  Members:

1.General member (member): Qualifications for members: individual who holds an acupuncture license in the US and has pay membership fee are qualified for UANYSLA member.  Members must also possess good moral characteristics and maintain well professional conduct, must be free of criminal and illegal records. All members must agree upon and obey the aims and goals in this article.

2. Student member: Current  TCM school students may apply for student membership.  Student member must pay student membership fee and obey to items in this article.  Student member will become general member at the time his/her receives an acupuncture license in the US.

3.Group members: TCM and/or acupuncture school students and alumni, TCM businesses, or other non-TCM or non-acupuncture associations who made significant contribution to the TCM and acupuncture development, may apply for group membership.  Group members must pay group membership fee and obey to items in this article.

4.International member: Any TCM and acupuncture practitioners who reside outside of US may apply for international membership. International member must pay membership fee and must possess good characteristics and free of illegal or criminal records.

Title 2: Privileges

1.Members possess the right to participate in activities organized by UANYSLA and to receive magazines published by UANYSLA.  General members possess the right to vote or to be voted. Student member , group member, international member possess the same right and obligation of general members. However, these members do not have the right to vote or to be voted. Student members can be elected into the board as assistant board of director.

2. Members have the right to inquire, criticize, comment on performance of  UANYSLA. Members have the right to cancel their UANYSLA membership. Members have the priority to register UANYSLA academic activities and receive discounts and benefits.

3.In the case of a violation of law, or disobey to this article, or counteract to decisions made by the Board of Directors, a member will be given warnings or probation upon agreement of the Executive Board of Directors. Severe misrepresentation or damage to the association’s reputation will result in termination of the UANYSLA membership.

4.The executive board directors, board of directors, and members who wish to leave the association must do so in writing through submission to board of directors. Owing membership fees to the UANYSLA for over a year will result in termination of membership, no writing submittion necessary.

Title 3: Obligations 1. Ontime annual membership payment. Fee schedules will be decided by the Board of Executive Directors each year. Decisions are made when ⅔ of the board agree on a schedule, followed by a signature from the president 2. Obey to the items in this article and decisions made by the board 3. Preserve the unity and benefits of the association 4. Be an active participant in the association’s activities


Chapter 4: Structure of Organization and Serving Terms of Directors

Structure of organization: UANYSLA has Board of Directors, Executive Board of Directors, and Advisors. The Board of Directors has total power over the association.

Title 1: Board of Directors and its members:  Candidates to Board of Directors are nominated or self -nominated by acupuncture members. Upon consideration of the one’s willingness, his/her ability, and necessity in the association’s work tasks, a nominee will be elected as a candidate of member of Board of Directors. The total number of members in the Board of Directors are to be determined by the Executive Board of Directors.  Candidates who received the highest number of ballots during election are elected to be members of Board of Directors, in which the total number of members is not exceeding the limit. Based upon the need of the association, one can be nominated by the board of directors to be an additive or assistant member of Board of Directors. Nomination will be completed by agreement from both the nominee and the Chair of the association. Final decision is made by the members of the Executive Board of Directors, while ⅔ of members agree upon.


Title 2 Executive Board of Directors and it members:  Executive Board of Directors which consists of 11 to 13 members, are elected from members of Board of Directors.  All candidates are nominated or self-nominated by the last Executive Board of Directors and are confirmed by the president of the association.


Title 3: President, Vice President,and Secretary  1. President of the association is self-nominated or  nominated by others. Voting committee is formed by counselors and current chair of the association. Upon selection of an election date by the voting committee, secret voting by Board of Directors is performed under the supervision of the voting committee to secure fairness and justice. The President of the association will be named and announced by the voting committee when an nominee received over ½ of ballots.


2.Assigning Positions: Vice president is nominated by the president of the association. Secretary and Directors of each department are also nominated by the president.  All nominated candidates are assigned the corresponding position when 1/2 of the Board of Directors agree upon.


Title 4: Serving Terms  

1.The president is elected to a two-year term, with a limit of 2 terms.

2.Each Executive Board of Directors and Board of directors will be assigned to a two-year term and may be re-assigned for the next term.

Title 5 A term for any Board of Directors, Executive Board of Directors, President, and Advisors will be terminated in the following situation: 1. termination of membership; 2. Resign due to certain situations; 3. Discharged from the position; 4. A Board of Director will lose his/her right to be reelected to the next term, if he/she has unexcused absence for more than 1/2 of the Board activities during the two-year term; 5. An Executive Board of Director will lose his/her right to be reelected to the next term, if he/she has unexcused absence for more than 30% of the board meetings.

Article V Duties


Title 1  Duties of President: Organize daily activities of the Board of Directors and Executive Board of Directors. Duties include: Arrangement of the Board meetings and the Executive Board meetings; 2.Determines the membership fee schedule and the allocation of fundings of the organization. 3. Coordinates the tasks among departments; 4. Secure the stamp of the organization and supervise financial activities;  5. Write annual business and financial report of the organization and determine business plan for the next year; 6. Organize and arrange the election and assignment of positions.

Title 2 : Absence of President  In the case of an absence of the president due to his/her traveling for international conferences or business travels, he/she may assign the secretary or the vice president to be in charge of daily activities of the association.


Title 3 Duties of each Department 1. Duties of Board of Directors: Passing important decisions made by the Executive Board of Directors by voting. Supervising daily activities of the organization; 2. Duties of Executive Board of Directors: Assist the president’s daily activities by planning and performing specific daily activities.

Article VI  Advisors


Assignment of Advisors: Members or non-members who had made significant contributions to the development of this organization or in the field of the TCM and acupuncture, will be assigned an advisor position after the final decision is made by the Executive Board of Directors.


Term: Advisor will be assigned a two-year term and may be re-assigned to the next term. The The president of last term will automatically become the Chair of the Advisory Board of this term. The current Chair of the Advisory Board will automatically become an advisor of the next term. All former presidents automatically become Board of Directors.


Duties: Advisors do not involve in daily performances of the oranization.  Advisors may participate in Board meetings, may give suggestion to daily performances. Advisors do not have to right to vote for a decision.  Advisors receive the same priorities and benefits of that of the an Executive Board of Director.

Article VII  Meetings


1. There are scheduled and non-scheduled board meetings.  Both types of meetings are arranged by the president of the organization.  Scheduled board meetings will be holded 1 to 2 times annually must be announced at least 2 weeks before.  Non-scheduled board meetings must be determined by the Executive Board of Directors or by petition from over ⅔ of the Board of Directors, or by written invitation from the Advisory Board. Each meeting must be recorded by the department of secretary. All records must be documented in writing and be submitted to the Executive Board of Directors for proof and signature within one week of the meeting.


2. Meetings of the Board of Director, the Executive Board of Director, or the Advisory Board will be considered valid when over ½ of the department members are presented.


3. Members of the Board of Directors,  the Executive Board of Directors, or the Advisory Board must attend their own board meeting. No substitution is allowed in the meeting.

Article VIII Accounting


1. The primary accountable person for the accounting department is the president;
2. Accounting manager and clerk are responsible for incomes and expenses of the association;
3. Guidelines for reimbursement:


1.Expenses under $500 will be reimbursed with the presence of a original receipts. Approval should be made by accounting manager, or by the president, or by the secretary. Signature will be obtained from both parties. b. Reimbursement for expenses over $500 and below $3000 must be approved by two of the following persons: the president, the secretary, or the accounting manager.  c.Expenses over $3000 must be discussed and agreed by the Board of Executive Directors.


4. All photos, voice recordings, video recordings,  publications, website, wetchat contents are properties and copyright to the association. These materials and its contents are reserved and stored by designated personnel. Their contents and views are to be reviewed, and their usage are to be evaluated by the Executive Board of Directors according to specific timeline.

Article VIIII Guidelines for Conflicts in Beneficiary


1. UANYSLA is a non-profit organization and must strictly follow the rules of a non-profit organization; 2. Members, Board members, Executive Board members, vice president, secretary, president, and advisors must place the organization’s benefit in priority and obey to the articles of the organization. These individuals must refrain from any embezzlement or corruption; 3. The President, Executive Board of Directors, or Board of Directors are not allowed to take a position as a president, or an Executive Board of Director, or a Board of Director in an association or alliance of the same type within the same geographic area.

Article X Addendum


Matters not listed in the articles will be processed according the local or state law.  The right of interpretation of the articles belongs to the Executive Board of Directors. The article will be valid when over ½ of the Board of Directors agree upon during the board meeting.

Modification of the articles: modification of the articles will started when over ½ of the Board of Directors sign and agree upon.  Modified items must be drafted by the Executive Board of Directors according to the signed agreement of the Board of Directors. Modified items must be submitted to the Board of Directors and are valid after over ⅔ of the board members agree upon during the board meeting.


The articles are passed on the _20_Day of July in the Year of _2018_ during the second board meeting of the Eleventh Board of UANYSLA.