Member Notice:

United Alliance of NYS Licensed Acupuncturists

Membership Application

Applicants must carefully read the Articles of the Association, especially the provisions of Chapter 3 on membership requirements.. The following materials are required to be submitted to the Board of Secretary of the Association when applying for membership:

  1. Fill in the application form as required (available in Chinese or English)

  2. The ordinary member applicant should provide copy of the license or registration from the relevant board in the country.

  3. Applicant’s resume, we-chat id, email address, contact number, license number (for example: acupuncture license number)

Member Acceptance Rules

  1. Any individual or group that meets the requirements of Articles III of the UANYSLA has the right to apply to join the UANYSLA.

  2. Applicants should carefully read the Articles of the association and related instructions, fill out the application form provided by the Secretary Board of the association and attach relevant information to apply.

  3. The Secretary Board shall carefully examine the above materials and further investigate and verify the applicants, which shall be reviewed by the head of Secretary Board or designated personnel .

  4. After the review and approval, the Secretary Board will issue an approval notice to the applicant. From the date of notification, the applicant will be eligible to be a member of the UANYSLA. A certificate will be issued afterwards.

  5. Member acceptance to any categories are strictly in accordance with the regulations, and acceptance is carried out in accordance with the above procedures.