Purpose of the association

Goals and Aims

Title 1: Goals: To promote and further advance Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); To unify, support, and connect all TCM doctors and acupuncturists in United States for the development in this field; to protect and to improve rights and status in this profession.

Title 2: Aims

1.  UANYSLA primarily aim at improving TCM doctors and acupuncturists’ professional knowledge and clinical skills. Exerting TCM and acupuncture to mainstream medicine in United States. Actively advocate and utilize outcomes in TCM and acupuncture researches to broaden and deepen the understanding of TCM and acupuncture in mainstream society in United States, as to positively promote TCM and acupuncture development in the US.

2. To encourage information exchanges and business collaboration between China and US in the field of TCM and acupuncture, via conferences, seminars, websites, academic magazines, wechat, etc.; To support information exchange between modern western medicine and TCM; To improve the professional skills among all TCM doctors and acupuncturists.

3.To defend for the benefits, privileges, and social status of TCM and acupuncture practitioners. To actively participate in the legislation process in TCM and acupuncture; To assert the proper insurance payment to acupuncture providers; To advocate for benefits among TCM and acupuncture practitioners by increasing academic and business  opportunities in this field.