Member benefits

  1. Member discount price:
As a member of the New York State Association of Licensed Acupuncturists, you can enjoy academic lectures, online academic lectures or international academic exchange meetings, as well as discounts on continuing education credits.
  1. Join the insurance network:
There are opportunities to apply for online insurance, and become an in-network physician of each insurance company, which can increase the patient volume and personal visibility.
  1. Free database:
The Association will establish a database of Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion as a member to enter and search for Chinese medicine practitioners and their expertise, distribution of Chinese medicine acupuncture clinics and Chinese medicine stores, and contact telephone numbers.
  1. Enhance influence:
Members of the guild will be promoted and promoted as the Institute’s status and influence in the United States rises.
  1. Individuals and their clinics will be included in the guild list to receive referrals from this institution and between members.
  2. Honoring the appointment of certain positions in the Association and being elected as a speaker.
  3. Invited to participate in the guild to create a book.
  4. The endorsement of the personal profession by the public.
  5. Opportunity to bring honor.
  6. Technical support:
Members of this association will receive expert assistance from the guild.
  1. Case studies of certain special conditions.
  2. Provide members with answers and guidance on clinical, scientific design, and publication of papers.
  3. Members can receive academic advice from the experts in medical disputes.
  4. Legal aid:
Members of this Council can obtain legal advice or advice from our lawyers on medical practice.