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From November to end of December, UANYSLA will open to all New York state licensed acupuncturists for application to UANYSLA membership, as well as to join CAIPA network. Applicants who have completed the application and reviewed by UANYSLA will receive notification to pay the $300 CAIPA membership fee. (Reminder: CAIPA acupuncturist membership fees are collected by UANYSLA only. CAIPA does not directly accept acupuncture membership application nor to collect membership fees).

According to the agreement between CAIPA and our association, the licensed acupuncturist applying to join CAIPA must be a member of UANYSLA, with a two-year membership payment record, a New York State acupuncture license, a valid professional liability insurance, and a CAQH account. After reviewed by both UANYSLA and CAIPA, UANYSLA  will notify the applicant to pay the 2019 CAIPA membership fee.

CAIPA, i.e. Asian American Medical Association, mainly composed of MDs. It has more than 1,000 members in NYC. In addition to professional academic education and consulting, CAIPA has signed agreements with most major medical insurance companies to provide doctors access to their provider network. In recent years, CAIPA has cooperated with the association to accept UANYSLA members into CAIPA. CAIPA has successfully provided network membership for acupuncturists with Healthfirst, VNS Insurance, HIP, Elderplan, TraidCare, Oscar, BCBS, Centerlight, Agewell… This year, there is a new insurance company open to qualified CAIPA members.

Licensed acupuncturists who are interested in joining UANYSLA and CAIPA, please fill out the application form and pay the appropriate fee at (This website is for payment of the UANYSLA membership fee only, CAIPA membership fee will be collected after application is reviewed and a notification of approval is issued)


Insurance Department, UANYSLA

November 2, 2018


Apply online to join the CAIPA membership, please click on the link:


1:   NPI 2:   CAQH, Every 3 months update  3:   Acupuncture License Copy  4:   W9 Form  5:Members who have already Activity CAIPA and UANYSLA do not fill out the form again.