President speech

The memories of the Chinese Medicine Practitioners In New York in the past 22 Years

We have been forging forward with our original intention


The United Alliance of NYS Licensed Acupuncturists , INC.(UANYSLA)  was founded in New York State in March 1996 and registered with the state government under the laws of the State of New York.  It is a non-profit TCM and acupuncture professional academic and research organization.
The United Alliance of New York State Licensed Acupuncturists was founded by merging five different Chinese Medicine professional groups in the Greater New York area.
The UANYSLA was composed of five different Chinese medicine professional groups in the greater New York area. It is committed to strive for the legitimate rights and interests for its members and communities. Its main tasks include protecting the rights of licensed acupuncturists and promoting business development. After the New York acupuncture law was passed, the association has significantly contributed to the acupuncture business in the part of insurance payment.
In the past twenty-two years since the establishment of the association, the previous councils and all members have united together and made the organization grow and strong. At present time, it has become a recognized top academic exchange group in this field. In the future, the organization will continue to promote TCM and  acupuncture into the mainstream medical system in the United States and promote Chinese medicine and acupuncture to the world. Internationally, in the field of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, UANYSLA is a member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the World Federation of Acupuncture Associations, and a platform for the spreading of Chinese medicine in the east coast of the United States. The association has also established strategic cooperation with many Chinese medicine universities in China, and is regarded as an important bridge for Chinese medicine exchanges between China and United States. It is the mission of every Chinese medicine practitioner to develop Chinese medicine and promote the integration of acupuncture into the mainstream medical system in the United States. We are still on the road, but we have never forgotten our initial heart and have been forging ahead.
Our aim is to organize TCM and acupuncture professional training so that the acupuncture practitioners can gain continue education units and learn from the courses.  Meanwhile, UANYSLA focus on improving the professional quality training of its members and enhancing the competitiveness of its members in exploring the TCM market, operating acupuncture clinics and seeking employment opportunities.The Association also organizes licensed acupuncturists to provide public health services to the community, and leads members to actively participate domestic and oversea academic exchanges, to collect and transmit various information related to the development of traditional TCM and acupuncture. Respect and listen to the opinions and requests of members, and maintain good communication and cooperation with other academic groups and government departments, and make efforts to obtain the legitimate rights and status of licensed acupuncturists.
In the past 22 years, the UANYSLA has taken the responsibility of promoting TCM’s overseas, and has been skilled in the profession and in line with the Dao’s will. It has united all members to do a tremedors of work and unremitting efforts to strive for the status of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion in the United States. By well organizing TCM and acupuncture training events, the association will improve the overall standard of TCM practitioners and acupuncturists, so that they can enter the mainstream medical society in the United States soon and better serve the people in United States.
According to the 11th Board of Directors: UANYSLA offer 4 types of membership: General members, student members, group members, and international members. Membership requirements are: over 21 year old,  holds an acupuncture license in the US, possesses good moral characteristics, maintains well professional conduct, is free of criminal and illegal records, accepts the Chapters of UANYSLA, obeys to the rights and privileges of the organization. After submission of application online by the applicant and recommendation from at least one of our active members, the membership management department of UANYSLA will review and approve the membership application. For further information about our organization, please go to our website at:
If you are interested in promoting your acupuncture business in New York State?  Please use the advertising page on UANYSLA website. We sincerely invite you to join our organization. Let’s join hands and dedicate with our hearts.
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